Fragments Books

The book series Fragments shows the first 246 photographs from the series of the same name, which began at the end of the 1990s and has not yet been completed. The cycle of the mostly color photographs shows the architecture of human landscapes. People are mostly only casually represented in their positions. The actual protagonists are their urban places, often industrial objects and random biotopes. The image fragments that Jens Mennicke has collected from many parts of the world are not looking for pure aesthetics, they are rather a narrative of our everyday life and routines. They sharpen our perception for the ordinary, the left behind, the interims and structures in which we live.
The individual double pages of the books show an interesting meeting of two pictures, which were mostly taken at different places and decades, but play with structural references and contextual relations to each other.


Each issue contains 82 color photographs on 86 pages. The cover is linen-covered and finished with a picture passepartout and title embossing. The book is offset printed in Portugal and will be available starting on November 1, 2020.